The Terry Fox Run has been cancelled in New Glasgow and Trenton.

Although there will be six Terry Fox runs in Pictou County this year — mostly in smaller communities — no one stepped forward to organize the Sept. 13 events in the region’s biggest centres.

According to Barbara Fickes, the provincial director of the Terry Fox organization, the number of runs they have each year varies slightly, but there are typically 85 organized events in Nova Scotia annually.

But, she says, there’s a shift in leadership every so often that leaves a community without an organizer, forcing the run to be cancelled.

“Some of our organizers are getting older and want to retire, or maybe someone moves away,” Fickes said.

That’s what’s happened in New Glasgow and Trenton, she says.

“We’d really like to have a nice community run to cover New Glasgow, Westville and Trenton, it’s just a matter of getting someone to organize it,” she said. “Lots of people support it, we just need to contact that right person to get it off the ground on that day.”