As a daily commuter on the TTC, I am increasingly frustrated with the lack of communication from the TTC regarding delays and the abysmal co-ordination of shuttle buses.

Although (the recent) power outage in the west end is out of the TTC’s control, commuters should have been alerted either entering a bus or subway station. If warned before paying my fare, I would have made alternate plans to get to work.

Something as simple as a message by the bus driver or from a TTC rep at the subway station could have caused a lot less grief. The co-ordination of shuttle bus service was terribly executed. Since the power outage occurred at 10 p.m., there is no excuse for the lack of preparation for the morning rush.

I know the TTC is looking at improving communications through e-mail or text alerts, but this is no replacement for communication at TTC buses and subways.

Once again, the TTC showed its lack of commitment to the people who pay to use their service and ineptitude in dealing with major delays.