Councillor going after NPA nomination

Vancouver’s mayor has lost the confidence of voters, said Peter Ladner yesterday as the two-term councillor announced that he will challenge Sam Sullivan for the Non-Partisan Association (NPA) mayoral nomination in the 2008 civic election.

Ladner said he isn’t causing a rift in the party that has ruled the city for the past two-and-a-half years — but rather is responding to a rift that is already there.


"When I’m part of a team and I see the ship heading for the rocks I see an obligation to change course."

Seeking the NPA nomination will not be easy, however, as the NPA board reaffirmed Wednesday night that it would stick with a process that greenlights the nominations of current council members.

"I’m definitely the underdog in this situation," said Ladner on the steps of City Hall. "The mayor has a big team that’s well financed, it’s well organized and it’s been underway for months.

"But I have to believe in democracy."

The NPA board has yet to endorse Sullivan, and if they decide not to endorse the incumbent, they would have to hold open nominations, Ladner said.

Failing that, he said, the NPA membership will vote at their April 22 AGM whether to open up the nomination to members.

He would not comment on whether he would run as an independent.

Sullivan’s spokesman David Hurford said the mayor is well supported.

widening field

  • Rumours are swirling that Vancouver-Fairview MLA Gregor Robertson will announce Sunday that he’s also running for mayor.

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