Metro: What advice would you give to a young lesbian, gay or transgendered Canadian struggling at home or at school to discover him or herself — and his or her place in the world.

Const. Lynn MacDonald:
The advice I would give to youth is to seek out support as soon as possible. They are not alone and there are some really great resources out there. Call the Kids Help Phone if they need someone to talk with. Check out the local LGBTQ resource centres in their area and look for youth support groups, counselling, etc.


For kids that are struggling with their sexuality and faith, check online for organizations in their area that celebrate faith in an inviting and welcoming environment for LGBTQ people. I know that we tell our kids to hang on that it will get better but the reality is they shouldn’t have to wait for it to get better.


They don’t deserve to be abused and we need to make the harassment and assaults stop. We need to hold the people who are doing it accountable. This can be tough for kids that aren’t out so it is important for us as adults to step up and hold people accountable. We need to be the voice for our youth when they are not strong enough to stand up for themselves.

Const. Lynn MacDonald
Calgary Police Service
Diversity Resources Unit