I would tell my 15-year-old self that it will always be hard. When you graduate you leave a homophobic high school and enter a homophobic world. But in that hate there is a choice, either be yourself or hide. And if you DARE to be yourself know that it will be tough. But in that difficulty, there will be opportunity … an opportunity to change the world by being yourself.

Jeremy Dias, Founder & Executive Director of Jer’s Vision

I would strongly advise my 15-year-old self to START NOW! Start being your true self, be a leader: speak, live and love loudly! Celebrate who you are and others will too (at least those who really matter). Also, the fact that you’re gay is but one part of you — nurture that side of you as you do the others, and be balanced. I would say.


Ryan MacGrath, Canadian Singer/Songwriter