Rescue crews have recovered the body of a 58-year-old Langley man killed while climbing Mount Hood in Oregon State.

Officers with the Hood River County Sheriff’s department say Robert Wiebe fell to his death on Tuesday when a sudden storm moved in.

Bad weather prevented attempts to recover Wiebe’s body until Thursday, when crews retrieved it more than 210 metres below the location from where he fell.

Sheriff Joe Wampler says no one was injured during the recovery mission and the man’s body will be returned to his family.

Wiebe was described as an experienced climber travelling with a group of four others who were intending to ski down the north side of Mount Hood, 500 kilometres south of Vancouver.

Det. Matt English says the squall was so sudden the group didn’t have time to rope up, and by the time others in the party realized what had happened, Wiebe could not be saved.

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