Sometime over the next few days, after the 100 public delegations have had their say, city council will be voting on what to do with Lansdowne Park.

That vote will come either late Friday or Monday morning, but when it happens, it must be decisive, Roger Greenberg told councillors Thursday morning.

“Either you support the Lansdowne Partnership Plan ... or reject it,” said Greenberg, the Minto Group chair and CEO who has been the spokes­man for the Ottawa Sports and Entertainment Group. “Either way, we need to bring the debate on the future of our Landsdowne Live proposal to a close.”

By 5:30 p.m. Thursday, only 31 of 97 speakers had addressed council. If more time beyond Friday evening is required to debate the issue, council will resume the debate Monday.

Canadian Football League commissioner Mark Cohon was the first to speak in favour of the plan. If the city did not go forward with the plan, Cohon said he was pessimistic that the CFL would be coming back to Ottawa any time soon.

“When we have this type of owner, our franchises are very successful,” said Cohon.

Glebe Community Association representative June Creelman said they were upset the city did not consult with them on the Lansdowne plan.

“This process may not be illegal, but it is unethical and it is fundamentally wrong,” said Creelman.

Not all area residents were against the plan. Angelo Toffolo urged council to approve the plan.
“Why can’t this council have a more dynamic vision for the park’s future than green space and park benches?” he said.

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