I have terrible news, everyone, there is only one week left of summer.


Sure, autumn doesn’t technically begin until the fall equinox sometime in mid-September, but we all know that the day after Labour Day is the unofficial end of the season. Next Tuesday means back to school and back to reality for those of us enjoying summer hours and vacant workplaces.


So how did your summer measure up? Have you appreciated each minute of daylight and every ray of sunshine? Probably not, but with seven days left you’ve still got some time to take advantage of Canada’s favourite fleeting season. This week, try to do all five of these summertime activities — whether it’s your first time or your one-thousandth time — before it’s too late.


Enjoy a meal al-fresco: While the weather forecast is still bearable, indulge in a little open-air gastronomy. Take a seat on a sidewalk patio or pack a picnic for a nearby park or your own backyard. Sure, you’ll be terrorized by wasps and ants, but that’s just part of the fun.


Wear white: White dresses, white pants, white fedoras — in cotton, in linen, in silk. Wear white all week long because soon you’ll have to say goodbye to those pale pieces and unpack your collection of flannel.Sure, you can try to get away with that eyelet sundress after Labour Day, but you know this age-old fashion faux pas won’t go unnoticed.

Take a dip: Find the closest pool, lake or ocean and take the plunge — because nothing can compare to splish-splashing around in the great outdoors.

Get a pedicure: You’ll be back in waterproof boots and practical (read: ugly) footwear soon enough, so if you’re going to slip on sandals make sure you go out in style. Get buffed, clipped, filed and polished — for the sake of your own hygiene and for everyone who has to peek at those toes on display.

Ride a bike: Sure, there are hardy people who insist on peddling year-round, but for most of us, the idea of cycling through the city streets in a snowstorm is just insane. This week, take the opportunity to do some last-minute two-wheeling around your favourite trails before layers of leaves, ice and slush cover them up for months to come.

And so, the summer countdown is on. Only 10,080 minutes left to get outside and savour the season.