FBI agents talk as they man the entry to the Reuters

UPDATE: David Fry, the remaining occupier at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon, said on a live webstream on Thursday that he has surrendered, after a 41-day armed standoff with law enforcement.

Fry's phone connection to the live webstream appeared to become disconnected after his statement.

PREVIOUSLY: Three of four occupiers at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon in a protest against federal land control in the West surrendered on Thursday, but a fourth refused to come out, saying his constitutional rights were being violated and that he was "feeling suicidal."

David Fry, 27, of Blanchester, Ohio, remained behind and said on the live audio feed that he had not agreed with the other three to leave.


"I'm actually feeling suicidal right now," Fry said on the webcast. He later added, "I declare war against the federal government as a citizen of the Constitution."

He refused to surrender demanded the federal government hear his grievances, including his opposition to abortion.

"Liberty or death," David Fry, 27, of Ohio said in an Internet broadcast of his telephone conversation with sympathizers.
Fry reportedly said he was angry his tax dollars were used to pay for abortion.
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