Album: Grow Up And Blow Away

Label: Last Gang Records

Release Date: June 26

**1/2 (out of five)


Grow Up And Blow Away could be regarded as the real introduction to Metric’s rocky electronica hybrid. These songs outline the calm before the storm of Metric’s manic pogo-dance energy developed over their next two records. This “debut” is a softer synth-laden affair, replete with bubbly-aired effects and humdrum tempos. If you find Emily Haines’ allure strong enough for middling electro-pop, Grow will be worth it.


Sinéad O’Connor

Album: Theology

Label: KOCH Records

Release Date: June 26

**1/2 (out of five)

The album is a double disc, one recorded with a voice and guitar in Dublin, the second in London, full band included. Short story: Two very different interpretations of the same content.

The album contains nine original compositions, a traditional ditty (Rivers Of Babylon) and a few covers, including the album’s highlight, Curtis Mayfield’s We People Who Are Darker Than Blue.

The first disc is a chore; on the second, O’Connor’s beautiful voice working with the jazzy compositions perfectly.