Hopefully you've had your eyes wide open while liking and sharing this month and you haven't fallen prey to the Secret Sister Gift Exchange. There is a new scam circulating on Facebook and it is really hitting us where it hurts.

Right in the wine glass.

Same concept as the Secret Sister Gift Exchange, which involves gift cards: a friend tags you in the post, you buy one bottle of wine and you are supposed to expect anywhere from six to 36 bottles of your own.

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But wine nights are supposed to be chill, so don't ruin your mellow candlelit girls night or that romantic dinner. These gift exchanges are illegal.

It's certainly a gamble to ship something and not know what you're going to get back. Involving alcohol, the post office... maybe not such a great idea.

You know you can have wine delivered to your house legally (depending on where you live), right? And you know you'll always get the Malbec you want and not some regifted chardonnay.

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