Laura Robinson




Laura Robinson before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Laura Robinson?

She appeared for her Style By Jury audition severely underweight in a denim miniskirt, knee-high, lace-up leather boots, black lacy transparent blouse and a denim vest. Laura’s long reddish hair hung down to the middle of her back, but it was dry and damaged from a lifetime of cigarettes. Smoking had also damaged her skin and destroyed her teeth. They are loose, stained and rotten, and on the verge of falling out.

Our jury’s first comments were, “she looks like a call girl,” “she’s a bad version of Daisy Duke,” and “she’s stuck in a fashion time warp.” But it wasn’t all bad. They also noticed that she was “obviously intelligent, but her looks don’t reflect her intelligence.”

Laura says she likes looking sexy and loves sharing clothes with her 12-year-old daughter, but had no idea about the first impression she was making.

A visit from our fashion stylist, David Clemmer, was essential. He looked through her clothes and declared, “this closet is like a tossed salad … there’s everything in there.” Most of it was far too revealing. He took her shopping to Zara ( and showed her how to focus on being classy and sexy, but not so provocative. And how to achieve a modern, more professional style.

Then it was off to see our cosmetic dermatologist, Dr. Kucy Pon, to deal with the smoker’s lines around Laura’s lips. Kucy gave her a treatment of Botox, Restylane filler, and helped improve her sallow complexion. Then it was time to say goodbye to her smoke-damaged hair. Stylist Johnny Cupello chopped off the dry ends and gave her a gorgeous new colour.

“For Laura, I chose the colour rosé because it goes with her beautiful eyes.”

Our make-up artist Korby Banner told Laura that she had movie-star features. And he gave her some advice about her eyebrows.

“If you use just an eyebrow pencil on an eyebrow it can look painted on. So by introducing an eye shadow in a complimentary colour you can get a much more velvety, much more natural looking effect.”

Then it was off to see our dental duo, Dr. Andrew Charkiw and Dr. Armaghan Afsar.

They had bad news. Thirty years of smoking and neglect had caused such serious gum disease that all her upper teeth would have to be pulled out piece by piece. Laura was devastated. But when she received her gorgeous new upper denture from Pro Art Dental Laboratories ( she broke down in grateful tears.

Laura’s makeover journey was now almost done, but we had one more appointment for her. We sent her to a clinic to assess the damage that smoking had done to her body. She discovered that her wet, ugly, cough was a symptom of lung damage that had left her worse off than a 60-year-old, and could eventually leave her bedridden or pulling an oxygen tank.

Now she was challenged to transform her inside to match the beauty of her outside. Would she be up to the challenge?

See the full story of the transformation of Laura Robinson tonight on Style By Jury exclusively on W Network (

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