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Lauren’s day starts with Dr. Brandt


Lauren Collins

Lauren Collins, plays Paige in Degrassi: The Next Generation on CTV:

Q: What products make you look and feel good?

A: I start everyday with a glass of Dr. Brandt’s Anti-Oxidant Pomegranate Water Booster. It makes my skin glow and it’s never too early to start an anti-aging routine. It also gives me a lot of energy without any caffeine or sugar.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I take my style cues from celebrities. However, not necessarily mainstream ones. I love the daring style of Internet “IT girl” Cory Kennedy. Ashley Olsen has been my favourite style icon for a while now.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: I work with a trainer a few times a week. In this weight-obsessed culture, I try to keep things in perspective and not let image rule my life.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: Water, water, water. It’s pretty much all I drink. I also think the key to a healthy diet is portion control!

Brandon Firla

Brandon Firla, plays Clark Claxton III on the second season of the Showcase series Billable Hours:

Q: What products that make you look and feel good?

A: Botox, Rogaine and Viagra.

Q: Describe your style?

A: I like vintage clothing. Especially from the 80s. The 1880s that is. I’m all about the pirate shirt.

Q: What things make life easier?

A: My girlfriend and our Boston Terrier, Norman. And good red wine.

Q: How do you stay fit?

A: I play basketball at the YMCA. They mock me there because I’m 6’5” and I can’t dunk. It’s quite tragic.

Q: What are your healthy eating habits?

A: I try to eat sensibly six days a week (i.e. five meals a day of lean proteins, good carbs and good fats). Then I give myself a cheat day where I really abuse my digestive system. But I rarely stick to that plan, especially in the winter.