A lawyer acting for Bradley Manning, the U.S. soldier accused of leaking massive amounts of confidential documents to WikiLeaks, says Manning is being ritually humiliated by jailers at a Marine base.

David Coombs, who is representing Manning in his court martial procedure, said for the last five days, after Manning made a sarcastic remark to a jailer, he is forced to strip naked each night. Then, still naked, he is forced to stand at attention for the morning roll call, Coombs alleged.

The lawyer said Manning’s harsh treatment started after the prisoner made a comment to a guard in protest at his earlier treatment.

Coombs said that Manning quipped that if he wanted to harm himself, he could so with the elastic waistband in his underwear or with his flip-flops.

Manning is being held at the Quantico Marine base in Virginia.

He has been held in solitary confinement for ten months after his arrest in Baghdad, where he worked as a military intelligence officer.

He is charged with several counts of downloading confidential documents that could aid the enemies of the United States.

The documents are alleged to form the basis for the tidal wave of secret, often very frank, American diplomatic exchanges published by WikiLeaks in the last four months.