The lawyer for an Ontario woman accused of faking terminal cancer
and taking money raised to help her hopes she will be released from
jail Friday, though he is concerned for her once she is out.



Police allege Ashley Kirilow, of Burlington, Ont., pretended to have cancer to raise money she promised to give to charity, but kept the cash for herself.


is facing three counts of fraud under $5,000 and one count of fraud
over $5,000. One of the charges dates as far back as February 2009.


23-year-old appeared briefly via video in court Thursday to continue
her bail hearing, which has already been postponed several times, but
it was adjourned to Friday.


Once sporting a bald head covered with a scarf in photos posted on Facebook, Kirilow
appeared on the television screen Thursday with short reddish hair
parted on the side. She cast her eyes downward during the court
proceedings, which lasted no more than a few minutes.

“Thank you,” she said when told the matter would be heard the next day.

Thursday's appearance her lawyer, Brendan Neil, said he hoped she will
be granted bail Friday and released, but he is concerned about what
will happen after that because of the anger the case has sparked.

When allegations surfaced against Ashley Kirilow of Burlington, Ont., public outrage was swift and furious. Vitriolic comments flooded news websites and a Facebook page for Kirilow's supposed charity, with some even saying they hoped she actually got cancer.

Kirilow was charged after turning herself in to police Aug. 7, and Neil said he hopes the initial outrage has had time to dissipate.

“I think there's concern with everyone involved on what could happen outside,” he said outside court Thursday.

not to say that people aren't legitimately affected by the allegations
... It's hard to imagine anyone who isn't affected by the spectre of
cancer and it's certainly understandable that people would be affected
by the nature of the allegations that have come out.”

However, there is more to the story than meets the eye, Neil said, and he looks forward to the facts coming out in court.

parents have said they want nothing more to do with her, as have
several former supporters, but Neil said it may seem like no one has
come forward for Kirilow, but that's not the case.

“There's certainly an individual that came to court today with an offer to post bail,” Neil said.

man with tattoos covering his face and neck was in court Thursday, and
said outside the courtroom that he was a friend and “concerned citizen”
who would offer to post bail for her if the court agrees it should be

He did not want to identify himself or say if he knows Kirilow personally.

father has said she told him she shaved her head, shaved her eyebrows
and plucked her eyelashes to appear to have the illness.

published report quoted her as saying she was sorry for what she has
done and that she said she has been diagnosed with borderline
personality disorder.