Every wine has its day. Even Pinot Grigio. This simple, lighthearted wine is right at home in the lazy moments of summer. And if you doubt that, you better have a word with the millions of Italians who drink the stuff every day. They know a good wine for a hot day — they understand summer, and summer drinking.

Light and fresh is just about all you could say about Pinot Grigio. It’s barely there as far as flavour goes but you know there are times when that’s just fine. Pinot Grigio’s strength is its lightweight, carefree quality and its ability to gently sooth without you hardly noticing its presence. It’s like a good reliable, yet quiet friend. I often think the perfect place to find a glass of Pinot Grigio would be next to someone being fanned as they lie in a hammock.

Lamberti’s Pinot Grigio could not be more gentle and soothing. It’s pleasant, too. It invites laziness and the do-nothing feeling of summer. If they served wine at spas, this might be it. A little bonus to buying Lamberti is the tall slim bottle makes a nice decanter.


There is a Tetra Pak Lamberti Pinot Grigio available called Soluna that’s also quite good, but just a little fruitier. (LCBO: 614412, Price: $12.95).

Just in case you get tired of all this relaxation and feel like kicking up the pace Masi produces a Pinot Grigio blend that’s quite the show. Lots of pep and flavour and even some richness. It is good before dinner as well as with dinner. It is rich because the Verduzzo grapes were partially dried for added concentration. You gotta like how Masi’s wine empire is based on native Italian grapes and not the popular varieties that everyone else uses.

Lets hear it for Verduzzo.

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Lamberti 2005 Pinot Grigio ‘Santepietre’ Veneto, Italy

LCBO: 560524

Price: $12.00

Masi Masianco 2005 Pinot Grigio/Verduzzo, Veneto, Italy

LCBO No.: 620773

Price: $14.95

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