Re: "New measures for security:


Am I one of the only people in this city who finds the whole situation with the LCBO and its security measures to be blown out of proportion?


The LCBO has been utilizing plainclothes loss prevention officers for nearly 3 years now, and they have always been aware of what these officers go through day in, day out when working undercover. For the LCBO to state that their security is now being uniformed until such time that they can review their security measures, is utterly disrespectful to all of the officers who work to not only deter and prevent theft, but also to ensure the safety of the LCBO employees and its premises.


They should instead stand up for their security measures which THEY originally instated as well as the security officers who have worked hard to maintain those standards.


I understand that much of this controversy is because video footage of the incident/arrest was made public on the YouTube website. The video is incredibly misleading, to say the least. What people DON’T see is what occurred prior to the passerby hitting "record" on his cellphone: the actual theft of the product, and, more importantly, the fact that the subject physically assaulted both officers after being informed he was under arrest.

These officers do a hell of a job in an industry that is both challenging and mentally and physically exhausting. Hard work, determination, and dedication should be rewarded, not scrutinized. And in this case, I give credit where credit is due — good job.