British Columbians are the real victims of the recent political upheaval that’s led to the resignation of two party leaders, according to a public policy professor from Simon Fraser University.

“These parties really aren’t serving the needs of the people of British Columbia,” said Kennedy Stewart, speaking about the resignation of Liberal Leader Gordon Campbell last month and NDP Leader Carole James yesterday.

“We didn’t have a fall sitting (and) the spring sitting is going to be a made-up budget, so really there’s going to be nothing going on in the province ... for a year because of this squabbling.”

He said it’s unusual to see two parties “blow up” virtually at the same time, which has turned B.C. politics into a “spectacle.”

Stewart added that “petty playground rivalries” within the NDP — which was leading the polls before NDP MLA Jenny Kwan suddenly called for a new leader — has likely killed the party’s chance at winning the next election.

“What looked so bad for the Liberals a few weeks ago has become an incredible opportunity to hold a snap election,” he said.

“It’s a problem for the people of British Columbia because what party do you vote for in the next election? If you’re a British Columbian watching this, you must just be in despair.”

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