The Office may be a TV mockumentary, but it still reveals some truth in the nature of workplace interaction. For one thing, if tactful communication is lacking between employer and employee, not only can awkwardness ensue, but business productivity will surely suffer as well.


Seneca College has tapped into the need to provide businesses with the tools to excel, by developing a certified training program in corporate leadership for managers and supervisors. It’s called the Contact Centre Leadership program (CCL) and it can essentially be tailored to meet the specific needs of each company.


The program consists of four intensive two-day seminars delivered at the workplace, or at any of several Seneca College campuses. The school does, however, recommend that the course take place at a Seneca location in order to minimize any familiar workplace distractions.


The program itself is eight days in length, but Seneca suggests it be delivered over a minimum timeframe of eight weeks, to provide optimal time for retention and application of the principles. It’s up to the company to decide whether they want to utilize the full course, or just select the modules that they feel suit their needs most.


According to Seneca, this sort of training serves to improve overall efficiency and productivity in the workplace, and to foster “a better understanding of taking ownership of tasks, goals and accomplishments.” It should also improve employee relations, overall communication, customer relations, and increase understanding of organizational structure as it relates to effectiveness for a business.

The program expects that students will achieve maximum return on their investment in the course, and then some, by improving overall productivity levels and scheduling metrics, learning better customer service skills that should, in turn, yield better customer service survey scores, thereby contributing to increased revenue and profit margins.

The cost of each module is $800, plus tax, each lasting two days, and each covering a different theme.

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