Young entrepreneurs were showing off their hard work to the Calgary business community yesterday during a three-day conference focusing on the new generation of businessmen and businesswomen.

Advancing Canadian Entrepreneurship (ACE) is hosting their national exhibition at the Telus Convention Centre, where over 1,600 students from 52 institutions across the country will be presenting business projects.

“The leadership of the future is going to come from these students,” said Bob Sartor of the Forzani Group, which helped host the conference.

“I think the younger generation is way more socially and environmentally conscious. It’s not about making money at any cost. They have a more balanced view of entrepreneurship.”

Elly Bialek, a 23-year-old entrepreneurship major at the University of Calgary, said, “I think that a lot of young people recognize that in order to change the world, they have to do it through business.

“You just learn so many valuable lessons that you couldn’t learn at a job.”

The winners from the conference will go on to represent Canada at a world competition in Los Angeles.

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