Mike McCourt — Insurmountable lead according to the entire polls (a month ago), sir, and now you’re tied (with Barb Higgins and Naheed Nenshi). So something’s gone adrift.

Ric McIver — I think because some of the polls showed me ahead early on, I’ve been the target of attack from everywhere ... Everything takes a bit of a toll but I think when it comes down to Monday, Calgarians will say on par who has the experience, who has the track record?

MM — OK, let's put all of that in context. You are “the experience guy,” you say. In the last nine years you’ve been on council taxes have gone up, give or take, 40 per cent. You’ve been part of a raiding party, taking money out of the taxpayers’ pockets.

RM — Yeah, and you know what Mike, you can’t say in one breath I’m part of the raiding party and then in another breath complain about being Dr. No.

MM — I have not mentioned Dr. No.

RM — There is somebody who’s actually slowed down the raiding party. I think Calgarians want to be glad I was there ... In fact, this year I was the one who said the 2011 budget wasn’t appropriate, and it turns out with $60 million over-committed even on the high tax increase on Jan. 21, the one voice of reason, the one voice who understood this wasn’t appropriate, was me.

MM — Your arguments, Mr. McIver, didn’t carry much weight in council because all of your efforts as you would have it to reduce those tax increases were for naught. You didn’t make it.

RM — But the fact is we reduced the 25 per cent tax increase over the last three years substantially ... I don’t like the rate that taxes went up, but I can tell you as a result of my efforts and other member of council’s efforts we reduced it, and as mayor the leadership will go in a different direction.


The leadership will be one that leads us ... towards steady, cost-controlled, measured stewardship of the city’s resources.