Growing up in Saskatoon, wherever Luke Schenn went, kid brother Brayden followed.

Coming up in this June’s draft, the same thing might happen. There’s a distinct possibility that Brayden, a centre with the Brandon Wheat Kings, will follow his big brother, not just to the NHL, but to the Maple Leafs.

“It would be unbelievable,” said Luke. “Obviously, playing with him in Toronto would be pretty cool”

They play shinny in the summer together, but they haven’t been on the same team since novice.

“Novice was a long time ago,” said Brayden. “The possibility of the Leafs drafting me, that’d be nice. But I’d be happy with any of the 30 teams.”

The NHL will release its final ranking for prospects today, in conjunction with tonight’s draft lottery to determine the order of the June draft.

Among the 14 non-playoff teams with a chance to better their draft position, the last-place New York Islanders have the best shot — at 48.1 per cent — of retaining the first overall pick. London Knights centre John Tavares is the consensus first pick by scouts, with Victor Hedman second.

The Leafs hold the seventh spot, and have a 4.7 per cent chance to move up to third under the weighted lottery system that gives non-playoff teams a one-time chance to move up four spots. That’s about where scouts say Brayden Schenn will fall.

It’s anyone’s guess who Leafs GM Brian Burke would take. Having drafted the Sedin twins in Vancouver suggests he’s not opposed to having brothers in the same locker room.

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