Re: “Raptor devotees need reality check: Marty York’s column,” Feb. 16:


The Raptors have had a great season, they have done amazing things. Sam Mitchell, with 9 new players has developed these guys to play as a team.


The Raptors are being recognized around the league and by other players for their work this year. Are they a championship team? No, but nobody said they were. But they are a playoff contender.


There are several categories that have Raptors in the top 10, some in the top 5. Joe Calderon is first in the league for assist to turnover ratio.


Bargnani and Garbajosa are ranked 2nd and 4th for rookies and the list goes on.

What about coach of the month, rookie of the month and player of the month for Mitchell, Bargnani and Bosh?

Keep this in mind next time you go to write about the Raptors. The league is starting to respect them – so should you.