The Department of Defence has launched an investigation after a former member of the Canadian Forces found sensitive health and personal information about other military personnel in his medical file.

Wayne Finn said he was stunned to discover everything from other service members’ social insurance numbers, blood test results, X-ray reports to dates of birth mixed in with his military medical file.

The 49-year-old Nova Scotia man said he still has information referring to about 20 people in his file, even after returning the files of eight others to the base in Halifax where he was serving.

“What shocked me as I was going through it was finding all these different people on my file — I didn’t want to read them because I thought it was being nosy and it’s none of my business what’s wrong with them,” he told The Canadian Press last week.

“It’s just ridiculous that all this information is misfiled, that I have all these guys’ information — I shouldn’t have it.”

The accusation comes a month after Veterans Affairs Minister Jean-Pierre Blackburn issued an apology to Sean Bruyea, a former intelligence officer whose medical information was shared widely in the department.

Finn, who served as a bosun on a variety of supply ships, asked the privacy commissioner a year ago to look into the apparent security breach, but said he has received no indication from the commissioner’s office they are pursuing the complaint.