Even if you sidestep the modern trend of changing jobs often and stay with one company, you still may face change. You may be moved to a new office across town or around the world, or change roles as organizations evolve.


“The very obvious truth is that in a globally competitive environment firms are constantly having to reinvent themselves,” says Julie Bulmash, a professor at George Brown College’s faculty of business. “Employers are regularly re-evaluating their needs and resources, and if that means a particular job is relocated to another city or country, the employee can stay in the job, but they’ll have to move or commute.”


Employers are not the only ones thinking differently about work. For employees, the new mobility requires adopting a different approach towards their careers, according to Angie Gorassi, a co-ordinator of human resources with GBC’s faculty of business. “Preparing to handle having to switch gears quickly is an important employment strategy. Learning about different cultures and business practices is a real asset for students as they enter the work world — because even if you don’t work outside of Canada, you are likely to encounter people from other countries working here.”


Bulmash agrees. “In many organizations today, the expectation is that an employee will gain ‘other-office’ or ‘other-country’ experience as part of being promoted.”


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