Coun. Don Iveson, chair of the Edmonton City of Learners Initiative, hosted a day of discussion about learning opportunities and challenges within the city yesterday.

Members of over 50 local learning organizations, including researchers, teachers and students, came together at the downtown Stanley A. Milner Library.

Using other cities that have implemented City of Learners initiatives as examples, they worked together to find new ways of collaboration between various sectors of learning in Edmonton.

“There already are strong networks in place, but they haven’t traditionally all been in the same room together,” said Iveson about his decision to host the discussion.

“Imagine the resonance of the library, the school boards, the major employers all getting together and taking on a specific issue at the same time. We’re already a city of learners, but we have some gaps to fill, and we want to exert that we as a city are ready to do this.”