TORONTO - The Criminal Lawyers' Association says it will continue its legal aid boycott in Ontario because the province is still short-changing the program despite a $150-million increase in funding over the next four years.

Association president Frank Addario says the new funding is an incomplete solution after two decades of underfunding.

The proposed plan, he says, fails to present a vision to restore access to justice because there is no commitment to make up for cuts and freezes under previous governments.

Addario is calling on Attorney General Chris Bentley to present a full strategy to turn the agency around.

The government's move seeks to end a legal aid boycott that began with defence lawyers in Toronto and spread to Kingston, Thunder Bay and London.

Lawyers launched the boycott because they say they aren't getting enough money to try large, complicated trials.

Bentley says his plan aims to come up with a better approach to funding the large cases.

But Addario insists lawyers will continue the boycott until the program is fixed, despite the funding announcement.

Most legal aid money goes to single mothers who are living below the poverty line.