Chris Brown’s legal team is on the move, reports.

The singer’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, filed a request in a Los Angeles court Wednesday seeking access to LAPD records, arguing that photos of Rihanna’s injuries, allegedly at Brown’s hand — widely distributed on the Web — was “illegally leaked to the media” by police and may result in a case dismissal, reports.

“The photograph was immediately viewed by hundreds of thousands of viewers and was displayed on every news channel for several weeks,” Geragos states. “The purpose of the leak was necessarily for profit and to vilify Mr. Brown and poison the potential jury pool.”

Geragos adds that if LAPD records show “dishonest conduct” by its officers, “I intend to use such evidence at the preliminary hearing to attack their credibility ... I believe there is a reasonable likelihood that the case will be dismissed at the preliminary hearing.”

L.A. criminal defence attorney Jeffery Rubenstein, who’s not involved in the case, says, “It’s unlikely the judge will dismiss the case on the grounds of leaked evidence. It’s not police conduct at issue here, it’s Chris Brown’s.”

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