The meteors will soon be falling, and night owls are being offered a front-row seat early tomorrow morning.

The Leonid meteor shower will peak over Edmonton skies around 2 a.m. tomorrow.

Bruce McCurdy, spokesman for the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, said though the shower won’t be visible within city limits, those interested in a lunar light show can head to blackened skies in outlaying areas.

“It’s a matter of looking where you have an unobstructed view,” he said, adding that though the Leo-constellation shower will rise from the east around midnight, the shower can be seen from any direction.

Meteor watchers usually head to area “darksites,” or “dark-sky preserves,” he said.

The Cooking Lake-Blackfoot Provincial Recreation Area, about a half-hour east of Edmonton, is a site widely used by stargazers and enthusiasts.

This year’s shower is expected to drop 15 meteors per hour, McCurdy said.

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