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Leslie Murphy before, left, and after her Style By Jury makeover.


What’s your first impression of Leslie Murphy? The first thing our jury noticed was her tattoos — she’s covered in them. Combined with her baggy, shabby clothes, her tattoos made her look harsh. She admits her tattoos suggest a certain lifestyle, but she was hurt when our jury told her that her look would only attract losers.

Leslie is used to dealing with pain, but of a different sort. She works as an ER nurse, where the uniform is generally a T-shirt and scrubs. At the age of 38, she is tall and slim with beautiful blue eyes, but after having two children, she’s in a rut.

The first stop in Leslie’s makeover journey was to see our cosmetic dentists, Dr. Afsar and Dr. Charkiw. They gave her laser gum contouring to reduce her gummy smile. They corrected the oversized crowns on her upper teeth, as well as her crooked, tetracycline-stained lower teeth, with 14 gorgeous Pro-Art porcelain veneers.

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Kucy Pon treated her blotchy red skin with laser therapy to close some of the surface blood vessels on her face and improve her complexion.

When it came to her clothes, our stylist David Clemmer was scandalized to discover that Leslie kept her entire wardrobe in a cardboard box! After a quick look, he declared, “The outfits in here deserve to be homeless.” He took her shopping at Meg, where designer Meghan Kinney shows off her fluid, feminine designs and clean, fitted esthetic (www.megshops.com). David knew that Leslie loved her tattoos, so he encouraged her to wear stylish outfits that showed off their beauty, or clothes that kept them out of sight ... nothing in between.

Her next stop was at the Herzig Eye Institute for laser surgery to get rid of her glasses. Then our ER nurse was off to see hairstylist Johnny Cupello. He thought her dull, weak and dried-out hair needed a nurse. He cleaned up the ratty ends and cut it in layers for a crisp look. He chose blond highlights to complement the red because, “blond complements red like there’s no tomorrow.”

The final stop was to see our maestro of makeup, Korby Banner. His strategy was to give her a wash of colour to exaggerate her smile; to outline her eyes in a soft colour to create definition without harshness; and to build a perfect eyebrow arch to frame her gorgeous blue eyes. The final step was to add a little bit of extra liner to her bottom lip to add a little weight and give her a sexy pout.

Then it was time for another little surprise. We arranged for Leslie to have a sexy photo session with renowned celebrity photographer, Babek. Does she love her tattoos enough to show them all off?

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