Re: “Canadians murdered abroad:”


I’m responding to the latest tragedy that has occurred in Mexico.


All Canadians should feel more than just feeling let down, we should feel outraged at the non-action taken by the Canadian government when one of our citizens is allegedly murdered abroad.


Why does our government do nothing at the onset: An immediate autopsy takes place and the investigation is conducted by that government? By the time there is any degree of Canadian intervention it is far too late and all the evidence is destroyed.


As a Canadian citizen and taxpayer I have a right to expect that my government will protect me in every way possible. We must change the agreements we have in place with all countries: The Ianieros’ and DePrisco cases prove this; these killings will never be solved.

We know the Mexican authorities will do whatever it takes to protect their tourist industry, however, our government must take a political stand and must have the political will to enforce change.

Enough is enough.