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Let golf guide your Kauai adventure

Known as the Garden Isle, Kauai offers visitors a unique experience,unmatched anywhere among the Hawaiian islands. Sure, it has the beach,but Kauai also epitomizes the calm, relaxed vibe locals and touristsembrace. There are plenty of ways to dive into the natural beauty —whether hiking, kayaking, helicoptering — and even golfing the island.<p />

While you’ll never confuse any part of Kauai for Times Square, compared to the sedate, Princeville area, the southern end of the island is more vibrant and active. Poipu Bay cashes in on the fact it’s hosted a PGA event, and has a little bit of everything Kauai has to offer: ocean views, strong trade winds, and reminders this is a spiritual land, with rock walls dating back longer than anyone will approximate.

With one of the most promising stretches of real estate on the island, Kauai Lagoons has big ambitions that will begin once the economy ticks upward. The Marriott course has several holes dangling over the ocean and plans for more, meaning golfers should be salivating. For now, the course is a blend of multiple designs, but one thing hasn’t lapsed: service that can’t be beat.

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