An El Niña winter — and potentially an icky amount of snow — is just around the corner, but TransLink wants to let everyone know they’re already on it.

Drew Snider with TransLink said the organization has an extensive winter-weather plan that is continually being refined.

“The bus services are generally as good as the roads,” he said, adding that hilly routes like the road up to SFU tend to cause the biggest problems.

In those cases, TransLink switches articulated vehicles for 40-foot buses, which are better at plowing through snow.

De-icing trucks spray a solution on the trolley wires to keep them from freezing over, and TransLink will run not-in-service trolley buses through the night to keep the lines clear.

“You can’t expect mid-July service in the middle of December,” Snider added. “Dress for the elements and be patient.”

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