With a sound the frontman describes as “hardcore Eurodance,” Toronto-based rockers Abandon All Ships are set to sink their teeth into Edmonton audiences this week.

When describing the band’s rise to prominence with the album Geeving, which comes out tomorrow, Angelo Aita credits the success of the hit track Take Our Last Breath online with helping the band grow its fanbase.

“It was our first single,” Aita recalled. “It spread like a disease over the Internet.”

Following numerous changes before settling on the current lineup of Martin Broda on bass, Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez on keyboards, Kyler Stephen Browne and Andrew Paiano on guitars, and Daniel Paiano on drums, the band visited Edmonton previously with Protest the Hero. But now, the spotlight is firmly on them.

Aita said audiences should expect dazzling lights and lasers and lots of “fist-pumping” when the band plays live.

Abandon All Ships plays Wednesday at the Avenue Theatre (9030-118 Ave.) with Woe is Me, Structures and Battleship! It’s an all-ages event, and doors open at 6 p.m.

Tickets are available at ticketmaster.ca and unionevents.com.