Sizzling Danes top Metro’s sex league

Red-hot Danes are claiming top bragging rights in a worldwide sex survey carried out by Metro International, which shows that more than 20 sexual partners is the norm in Denmark.


The home of supermodel Helena Christensen nudged the U.S. into second place in our global snapshot.


Almost one in every four Danes claims to have bedded more than 20 partners — in the U.S., it was closer to one in five.


According to our Metro Sexual Survey, readers worldwide are quite sexually conservative, favor stable relationships and avoid risky behavior. But many fantasize about having sex on an airplane.


The majority of our readers have had two to five sexual partners. A majority of readers are in stable relationships — 37 percent are married, and 28 percent are engaged or in long-term relationships. There are big differences between the countries, though.

While 42 percent of Americans are single, only 17 percent of Hungarians are not currently in a relationship.

Four out of 10 Metro readers worldwide consider 18 to be the most appropriate age to start having sex. In contrast, two percent think 13 is an acceptable age and five percent do not believe in having sex until after marriage.