If the name Bradley Cooper doesn’t mean much to you now, it soon will.

Not only does the 34-year old Philadelphia-born actor have a highly-anticipated comedy hitting theatres next Friday, but judging by the full slate of upcoming projects linked to him on the Web (including an adaptation of retro-TV hit, The A-Team), he shouldn’t have time to even chat with me.

“It’d be great if it were true,” admits Cooper while stopping in Toronto this past week to promote The Hangover. “If I had the career that the Internet said I had, I’d be set.”

Mind you, Cooper has no complaints. Having steadily made a name for himself ever since moving to Hollywood to work on TV’s Alias, he has risen from sidekick in films like Yes Man and Wedding Crashers to become Hollywood’s most promising leading man. According to him, it’s a good thing it took so long.

“If (The Hangover) were to be a big hit and change things, it’s something I am fearful of and that’s a good thing,” says the seasoned actor about maintaining perspective. “If I was 24 and my life changed, not only would I be terrified but I’d be terrified for whoever was in my life.”

Cooper won’t need to speculate much longer. With advance praise being heaped upon it, The Hangover should prove to be the ultimate launching pad for Cooper’s career. Playing the mastermind behind a Las Vegas stag party that goes horribly wrong, he sets out to solve the case of the missing groom.

As such, the memory-lapsed lads soon find they’re missing teeth, there’s a tiger in the hotel bathroom and that they may have just experienced the wildest stag ever. Having fictionally lived through it, there was just one question left — what advice would Mr. Cooper have for bachelors set on Sin City for their stag?

“Wear a condom,” says Cooper with a laugh. “Over the whole entire body.”

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