Make your home safer, enhance special features on your property and reduce your energy bill in one simple step: install outdoor solar lighting.


Certified landscape technician Ahmed Hassan hosts Turf Wars, a show that pits neighbours against each other to win $10,000 and the title of best yard on the block. Hassan offers a few tips to help you get started using solar lighting.


Benefits of solar

Solar lights require no electrical source and can operate up to 15 hours before recharging. Many brands conveniently have the solar panel, light and battery in one unit. If you have a shady property, there are models available that are powered by a remote solar panel that can be placed in a sunny location while the lights in the shade still operate effectively.


Create a plan

Use graph paper to plot out your property and decide where you’d like to place your lights.Select a focal point like a large tree, walkway or the main entrance and work from there. You want to use the lights to highlight the best parts of your yard. Keep in mind that fewer lights have more impact.



Use a combination of tier lights and floodlights. Tier lights focus the light downwards, so they are useful for walkways or steps. When using tier lights, alternate their placement on either side of the pathway. If you place them opposite each other you will see a runway pattern start to emerge.


Floodlights focus light upwards and are used at adjustable angles to highlight landscape features or architectural details. Taller light fixtures are used for larger areas to spread the light more evenly and widely.

Light it up

You don’t have to worry about flipping a switch or setting a timer. These solar lights will turn on automatically after sunset, creating a beautiful and welcoming atmosphere to your property and reducing your utilities bill.

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