As a country, Canada is very young. One hundred and forty-three years, under both a monarchy, and a constitutional monarchy.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II — the “Defender of the Faith” — has served us, and we have, in turn, served the monarchy well.

Yes, Prince Charles seems a rather eccentric and odd fellow, but who wouldn’t be, when his sole purpose is to wait to serve.

Her Majesty is “a much-loved personage” worldwide, and therefore a very tough act to follow, on the world’s stage.

The task before the Prince of Wales is daunting!

However, given the choice between Stephen Harper as President of a New Republic — and de facto “King” — I’ll stick with the monarchy, albeit a constitutional monarchy.

Stephen Harper’s rule, as I see it, is one of complete and utter disregard for the House of Commons — Canada’s law-making body — and our 143-year-old Westminster parliament.
Harper is out of control.

His unprincipled rule, as prime minister, shows to me that he is not fit to govern Canada with a majority.

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