We asked:?You win $2,500. How would you spend it?

Toronto. If I won $2,500 I would give $2,000 to my mom in Jamaica to help with her mortgage payments, even though I don’t have a job here and also have my three kids to look after with outstanding bills to pay. I just know my mom needs it more.

Beverley Smith-Jervis

Calgary. If I won $2,500 I would spend it by taking my kids to the zoo, going to the Calgary Tower and busing it and C-Training it to all the sites I can show my kids. I would also get a camera to show everyone the good times my kids and I had going around town.

Claudette Graham

Edmonton. I know this sounds boring, but I am going into my last year of school to acquire my human resources degree. If I won $2,500 I would use the money to cover my last year of schooling.

Shaenna Bohnet

Toronto. I will pay off mine and my wife’s Visa bills and treat my kids to some fun. Then put some toward appliances for our new home, which we are moving into in a few months. Simple and sweet.

Richard Sanichara