Ottawa. Yes, I?enjoyed the World Cup.

Despite the early departures of Italy and France, the outrage over refereeing and disappointing showing of some superstars, there were plenty of both amazing games and breathtaking plays:

• The fluid partnership of Ozil and Müller for the German side.

• Messi’s fluidity for the Argentinian squad.

• The toughness of the Paraguayans.

• The surprise strength of the New Zealanders.

• That first goal, scored by South Africa’s Siphiwe Tshabalala.

Matches of special note for me were two Uruguay matches:

• The dramatic and hard-fought — but heartbreaking — match between Uruguay and Ghana

• And the incredible consolation match of Uruguay and Germany which went down to the final second.

And those beautiful games by the Spanish team against Chile, Portugal and Paraguay, but especially the semi-final against Germany.

Viva Espana!

Yes, I cheered with the rest of the Spanish fans Sunday for the final.

Kudos to the CBC for fantastic blanket coverage.

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