We asked: Buying your own engagement ring: Girl power or desperate act?

Toronto. For myself, I would have to say girl power cause I’m going out tonight to buy my engagement ring.

My boyfriend has given me the money for it and all and, as he put it, he wants to make sure that it’s the ring that I want as he knows that I’ll be the one wearing it, not him.

Tina Spragg, Toronto

Edmonton. @DT_princess a girl buying her own engagement ring? Desparate. Where’s the chivalry? Romance? Bah.=)

We asked: What reality show would you like to go on?

Toronto. The reality TV show I would like to go on is The Bachelorette, The Bachelor, Big Brother, Amazing Race and Beauty and the Geek if it still airs.

The reason is that I like to go on TV for the first time, get some exposure, and find the right girl to be my future wife on the Bachelorette or the Bachelor.

Also to see the world on the Amazing Race and to attract a beautiful model-like girl that can help me be a sociable guy and I can help her intellectually.

Simons Gordon, Toronto