We asked: What do you think about Don Cherry getting involved in politics?

Toronto. Don Cherry involved in politics? If Don had brains he would really be dangerous. He doesn’t like French hockey players, Russian hockey players and Swedish hockey players all being “unCanadian.” Who does he like? Anyone with pockets full of cash, and the little guy, or pinkos as he calls us, are we not supposed to have an opinion that differs from his? The word democracy is not in his vocabulary.

To remind Don, a little man called Tommy Douglas was voted the most famous Canadian by Canadians and Don, you weren’t even close on the ballot. Pinko beats out sour Grapes.

J. Connelly, Toronto

Toronto. The taxpayers of Toronto were offended by seven years of inefficiency and abuse on our quality of life by a left-leaning council (a.k.a. left-wing pinkos). Don Cherry gave a three-minute speech, which has no legislative impact and the sensitive residual left-wing councillors are offended? Get over it.

I was at city hall and the crowd laughed at Cherry’s speech and moved on. The last council did harm to us, Don Cherry’s speech has not. And I ride a bicycle!

Michael N.W. Baigel, Toronto

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