Toronto. In his first day in office, Mayor Rob Ford proposed hundreds of millions of dollars in wasteful spending. That’s not cutting waste, it was making waste. Backtracking on Transit City wastes the $130 million that has already been spent on the program. It will also cost taxpayers unknown millions to break an existing $770-million contract with Bombardier for new light-rail trains.

Furthermore, any new projects, like his proposed subway line to the Scarborough Town Centre, will require expensive planning, environmental assessments and consultations that will take years and cost even more money.

Transit City is already planned, paid for, and the work has begun. Spending money to get nothing, that is the definition of waste.

Christopher See, Toronto

Toronto. Rob Ford’s big announcement came on his first day in office; he was going to kill Transit City. Although this may seem like it will be saving money, it will not.

A light-rail system will service the suburbs; a subway plan is way too expensive for it to service the entire city in our lifetime.

Ford’s plan for transit is, hypocritically, a waste of money.

Lisa Mantia, Toronto