We asked: What song is the soundtrack of your summer?

Without a doubt it has to be Bobcaygeon by The Tragically Hip. It’s the kind of mellow escape that reminds me of summer, even in the worst winters.

It’s the kind of song you take camping with you. It can be the soundtrack to every summer. You don’t get songs more Canadian than that.
Devin Gibbons, Toronto

We asked: You win $2,500:?How would you spend it?

With $2,500 I would probably return a portion to my mom, who loaned us some money recently, and treat my husband and I to a week at a cottage or mini getaway.


Even a night out in Toronto with dinner and accommodations would be great.
Juan (Joanne) Cox, Toronto

If I won $2,500 I would give it all to my sister so she can complete her private pilot’s licence training.
Kimberly Ann Kukoraitis, Toronto

If I won $2,500, I would put that money in my daughter’s RESP account so it could be used towards her education when she grows up.
Sheldon Rego, Calgary