We asked: If you could come back as a person, place or thing, what would it be?

Toronto. If I could come back as anything it would be the Earth. Then I would proceed to stop rotating on my axis, just long enough for all you humans to fall off.

It’s about time we started taking care of our planet and not being so greedy and self-centred — that we are willing to kill the place in which we live in order to get more than the next guy.

James Brown , Toronto

Toronto. I would come back as myself and live my life over again. All the highs and all the lows: Everything the same.

Hereward Pooley, Toronto

Re: Ex-commander wants Semrau gone (July 26)

Edmonton. Among other things, war can be stupid.

You can kill a live enemy but not a barely alive enemy. You can kill an able-bodied person but not a disabled one. What is worse? In support of our troops, the Canadian soldier should not have been tried for murder. A soldier’s aim is to kill.


How foolish the ethics of war. Today’s term for combat is a firefight. It’s the heat that can change a soldier’s perspective.

Don Gordon, Edmonton