Re: I looked at a girl ... and liked it (Nov. 2)

Ottawa. I find Jessica Napier’s immature comments to be deplorable. As a Canadian citizen, I should not have to be faced with such discriminating characterizations of my sexual preference.

Let’s reiterate — should a girl look at another girl and “want to get with her,” there would not be anything creepy about it. Period. Having a same-sex crush on a close friend is also not “weird” — it’s a wonderful compliment. Homosexuality is a perfectly natural sexual desire. To classify same-sex desire as being “creepy” or “weird” is absolutely wrong and disrespectful.

Mike Artelle, Ottawa

Toronto. I went into reading (the column) with curiosity as I find the topic interesting, and think the subject of same-sex crushes, whether platonic or not, needs to get out there more to help those experiencing them to feel OK about it, but wound up disappointed.


While it’s fine to be clear about (a same-sex crush) not being a sexual feeling, is it necessary to imply that if it was a sexual feeling, it would be “creepy?” I find this offensive. Same-sex sexual attraction is not “creepy.” It’s totally normal and can even happen to people who label themselves heterosexual.

Jessica Tavares, Toronto