Re: What do you do when joke’s on you? (Oct 28)

Toronto. The article by Mr. Mazerolle contains some significantly offensive remarks. In particular, he likens feelings, when he failed to succeed as a standup comic, to “something akin to a kid who drops his ice cream combined with those Palestinian women you see mourning on television.”

This remark is offensive on many levels, but in particular it is demeaning and dismissive of women suffering the loss of loved ones during a war. The referral to the “Palestinian women” in this context implies that they, and their grief, are somehow lesser, and mocks their reactions to their losses.

I doubt Mr. Mazerolle would have made a similar reference to mourning Canadian women. His use of the grief of these women in this context serves to dehumanize them and is certainly not funny.

The use of the reference to the Palestinian women in conjunction with a dropped ice cream cone is a further degradation to the plight of these women, which should be considered separately from their context in the political arena in the Middle East. Malerie Rose

Re: Clampdown useless: EU (Oct. 28)

Toronto. Thank you for picking up this news item and reporting on the growing support for calling out the U.S. Transportation Security Administration (TSA) on this theatre it calls airport security.

Those of us who travel frequently have been trying to educate the general public on the redundant and invasive measures that our goverments are placing on us in the name of “anything for security.” Should we have to be scanned naked to get on a plane when airports don’t scan the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority/U.S. TSA workers, don’t scan all checked baggage, don’t scan all baggage handlers, don’t scan all ground crew? S. Flint

We asked: What’s your favourite Halloween costume?

@ari_ospeedwagon Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem) in No Country For Old Men and ShamWoW Guy (Vince Shlomi) after his arrest in Miami. I in fact borrowed an American quarter from a colleague. It’s all in the details, friendo ...

@willsamuel when I was a kid, my dad and I made an Optimus Prime transformers uniform out of cardboard, foil and paint. It was totally cool

@allysandria0 Audrey Hepburn! for best costume. easy, simple, and not trashy!

@samogrady I was once a Christmas tree, layers of green tafida sewn to a bodysuit. I even had battery packs for my over 100 lights!

@jenochej giant Rubik’s cube!

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