RE: Paul Sullivan’s column published Oct. 5, Nobody’s right if everybody’s wrong

Sublimely pointless article written by an out-of-touch, capitalist sycophant.

This writer has obviously given up on life, truth, justice and good journalism. There are young people out there who will never get the chances he takes for granted based on his generation’s bad choices.

The article was pointless, meandering, by an over-the-hill curmudgeon. Get him to his porch and rocking chair and let someone who still lives life write in this wasted space. Steven Debus, toronto


RE: John Mazerolle’s column published Oct. 6, Let’s talk about birds and bees

In the last few years, huge efforts have been made to try and deal with negative self-image amongst young women. And you publish this? A rude, ignorant, offensive statement which sets back the fight and is hurtful to all the overweight women who read this paper.

Victoria Goodfellow, Toronto

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