Canadians should rejoice that a low-life criminal monster, Clifford Olson, is reportedly days away from kicking the bucket with terminal cancer. No compassion for this demented animal.

Should anyone feel sadness over the loss of a costly bottom-feeder serial child killer who should have been executed long ago? NO! This trash person has made a mockery of our Mounties, played the courts for fools and sucked taxpayers for millions during his 30 years of incarceration — a fitting end for this despicable hated human being.

There are many more like Olson in jail, including Paul Bernardo, Rob­ert Pickton and Russell Williams, who need to be turfed as people like these undesirables are taking us to the clean­ers with the high costs to keep them alive in jail.

I do not think many would shed a tear for the passing of this slime.


This story is not about insulting good people suffering a malicious disease — cancer. It is about celebrating the end to a horrific human life who deserves no mercy.

Kerwin Maude , Pitt Meadows, B.C.

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