We asked: What’s a sure sign summer is ending?

Toronto. My birthday is Aug. 27, and that always was the end of summer for me because when I was young, in a week’s time it was back to school; the days are shorter and it gets a little cooler at night.

Stephen Noble, Toronto

We asked: What’s better: Summer or winter?

Vancouver. @MattVanDeventer: Winter is way better because it’s easier to stay warm than it is to keep cool. Summer is for kids, winter is for men.

Vancouver. @heatbagger Summer in Vancouver. Winter in Hawaii.

We asked: What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Ottawa. My biggest pet peeve is tailgaters. They really don’t think or care about the consequences if the vehicle in front of them has to brake fast. Not the brightest drivers on the road.

Brad McGowan, Ottawa

We asked: Finish this sentence: To be successful, you must …

Toronto. To be successful you must be honest, sincere, and have a terrible sense of humour.

Walter Dupczak, Toronto